Tuesday, February 22, 2011

War Museum... "Welcome back to Malaya"

We had a great weekend as my family hits Penang Island for a short vacation. Penang has so many things to do that we simply couldn’t fit everything in a short weekend.

We visited the War Museum on Saturday afternoon and later get lazy on the beach that is just a walking distance from our resort. The next day we went for a nature walk at the smallest national park, Penang National Park. The food in Penang are just great and we really enjoy the authentic “nasi kandar” at the famous heritage restaurant, Line Clear.

We were enthralled by our historical visit to the War Museum. The museum is a military fortress built in 1930s on a 20-acre of land by the British to protect the island from the enemies. The fort has underground military tunnels, intelligence and logistic center, halls, offices, quarters and canon firing bays.

Before we enter the museum, the caretaker greeted us with “Welcome back to Malaya”. Yes, the place really brought us back to Malaya and the war time in the 1940s.  My son still talks about the war, soldiers and the museum and wants to have another visit to the war museum the next time we visit Penang.

The tunnel inside the command centre

Underground room, the command centre

The tunnel to the underground room
The quarters

Exhibition, the prisoners of war
The exhibition

The torture room (by the Japanese)

General Tomoyuki Yamashita Gallow (replica)

Replica of the British Administration office

Qaisara inside the secret tunnel

Qistina inside the secret tunnel

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