Sunday, July 14, 2013

I love everything about wedding

I love everything about wedding and I still buy wedding magazines. For me, wedding means wearing beautiful dresses, surrounded with beautiful people and being showered with beautiful things. If I was looking for something beautiful for inspiration, I would look for wedding magazine or google for wedding stuff on the net. I bought this affordable wedding magazine a few months back and still browsing it today. These are some of the vintage stuff I love from the magazine.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Princess Party... Qaisara's 5th Birthday

Yesterday, hubby and I took a day off to celebrate my 5-year old daughter's birthday at school. It was a short, sweet and simple party but definitely a fun one for my daughter as she gets to celebrate her birthday with her best buddies at school. We had a couple of games, did the must have cake cutting ceremony, enjoyed having cakes and food together and increased our sugar level with some sweet candies. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Garden vintage party

I just adore anything vintage and I have started collecting some of the things for a party (although I haven't decided the occasion for the party).

I found this beautiful garden vintage inspired party on Pinterest and falling in love with the concept. Btw, I have already owned the bottle wooden crate like the one in the picture.

What I read this morning

It was so frustrating when you come back to office after a long maternity leave and you receive comments on how you look. I simply answered that I need at least 9 months to lose those fat that I've gained for the past 9 months. That's why this article really caught my attention when I was browsing through my blog reading list this morning.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Vintage wooden crate

I have been searching for the wooden crate and finally found it @ I remember during my childhood time, wooden crates filled with empty bottles were only left outside a coffee shop under the sun. But today, it is a rare item that people would love to use it as a table deco or a prop for photography.

I would love to have a vintage party and will definitely use this crate for the table deco.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Princess party... the preparation

I am currently busy preparing my daughter's birthday party. Due to work commitment, I am bringing forward the big day. I have just ordered the birthday cake from  Mycuppycupcake and the princess cookies from Spatula by Wirda. Fuh! luckily they accepted this last minute order. 
I am very excited as this is going to be the first birthday party celebration at my children's school. The school only allows us to hold the event for an hour. Within that short period of time, I hope we'll be having a great party. 

Photo inspiration for the birthday cake.

Photo inspiration for the princess cookies.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My daughter's upcoming birthday party

It's my daughter's upcoming birthday in June so I have already busy preparing and collecting things for the party. Recently, my daughter Qaisara requested to celebrate her birthday with friends at school. I have no objection to her request. In fact I think it is such a good idea as the party will be surrounded by her best friends and favourite teachers. 
It will be a shabby-chic princess party for Qaisara.

Some detail for the upcoming shabby chic princess theme party

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sweet candy buffet

I'm glad that I have found this beautiful blog when I was searching for some inspirational photos for my daughter's upcoming birthday party this June. I can't help but sharing the candy buffet setting I found on the blog. I find it simple and very sweet which I think would be suitable for my daughter's princess themed party. If you would like to see more beautiful things from the blog, please click here.

Monday, May 20, 2013

My daughter's first Sports Day

It was an exciting day for my daughter Qaisara. It was her first sports day at school and everyone in the family including her one year old sister came to give some moral support.  
At the end of the event, every child received a gold medal as the school thinks that everyone who participated in the sports event deserves to be a winner. Qaisara was so proud of her medal and it was so amusing that she refused to take it off even during our lunch at the restaurant.

Qaisara's big supporters, her one year old sister and big brother.

Cheer leaders - Qaisara looking nervous

Showing off her first medal

Monday, May 13, 2013

Carnival party... Mya is turning 4

We did a carnival birthday party for my cousin's daughter over the weekend. I love carnival party and i was so excited when my cousin agreed to throw a carnival theme party for her daughter's 4th birthday. The preparation was easy as I've already collected some of the carnival things like the backdrop, paper bunting, table cloth and the musical box. It was a fun party for the kids as they were busy being attended to by the bubbly clown. It was nice to have the clown around - each kid gets their sculptured balloon and face painting. Extra toys were given out for those who answered riddles correctly. 
Hopefully one day I could also do a carnival birthday party for my kids.

Happy 4th birthday Mya! Thank you for having us at the party. 

Clown musical box from Memory Lane

Goodie bags for kids

Popcorn bags

My cousin, Mya's mom

The clown, doing face painting

Mya and her sister

Lovely birthday cake

Mya making her wishes

Mya and her parents