Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Telematch at Home

It's a long holiday this week. There are 9 children aged between 9 months old and 10 years old in my parents house at the moment. They are my nephews, nieces and my kids. You can imagine how my parents' place can turn up side down when all these kids are running around and playing together (I can still hear them playing while I'm posting this).

During the last school holiday, I organised a telematch game to make their visit to grandparents' house more enjoyable. There were 2 teams formed for the game. The kids had so much fun and laughter together.

The Hafizal  vs The Azman

Scoreboard and prizes

Save the lizards

Squeeze the sponge

Ball relay

Throw the ring

Prize giving ceremony by grandma


  1. So creative and next time can invite neighbours too

  2. Thank you. Yeah, next time should invite neighbors too.