Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taman Negara Penang... the smallest national park

On our second day of trip to Penang, we explore the smallest national park of Malaysia (probably the smallest national park in the world), the Penang National Park. The park has wetlands, mangroves, mudflats, turtle nesting beaches and the only meromictic lake in Peninsular Malaysia.

From the jetty, we chartered a boat to a nearby beach for a canopy walk. (the boat ride save our time for about 30 minutes of walking from the national park entrance to the canopy entry point). Then, the boat brought us to our next destination, Pantai Kerachut (the round trip boat ride cost us RM180). The key attraction of Pantai Kerachut is the meromictic lake that contains a mixture of fresh and sea water. There are only 19 meromictic lakes in the world.

We had our quiet and privacy swimming at the sandy beach of Pantai Kerachut as there was not many visitors there. The only way to get to the beach is by either walking through the jungle for about an hour or by taking a boat.

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