Friday, February 18, 2011

National Park, Taman Negara

Yesterday, a colleague asked me about our holiday trip to Taman Negara that he saw on my facebook. He plans to have a back to nature holiday trip with his friends and would like to know more about our family trip to Taman Negara. 

At Taman Negara we stayed in Mutiara Taman Negara Resort (no tv or radio in the chalet, probably they want us to enjoy the sound of nature at night). My children had their first time experience walking in a jungle and river boating which they really enjoyed. So after our visit to Taman Negara, whenever we go to a place that looks like a jungle, my children would call it Taman Negara. For them, any jungle or orchard or woods means “Taman Negara”. Even the woods behind my uncle’s house they call "Taman Negara".

Here’s the itinerary of our 2 day,1 night vacation at Taman Negara –

Day 1
Orang Asli Visit
Boating - Rapid Shooting
Swimming at Kuala Tahan river

Day 2
Jungle Trekking
Canopy Walk

What we missed during the trip?
- Jungle night walk
- Fishing trip
- Bird watching trip
- Caving

Since we’ve missed a number of activities, definitely we will come back to Taman Negara for another back to nature experience.

The entry point

At the jetty

On our way to a floating restaurant

Our chalet at Mutiara Taman Negara Resort

Rapid shooting trip

Rapid shooting ahead

Swimming at Kuala Tahan river

Orang Asli Village

Mother and daughter - Orang Asli Village

Jungle trekking

Canopy walk

Kuala Tahan River

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