Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Toy Story Theme Party

The kids love the Toy Story so much. Even my youngest one knows some of the characters. Since they were so crazy about the Toy Story, Qistina and Irfan's previous birthday party was based on the Toy Story theme. I ordered the cake from Zurina's Cakes (she makes great cakes) and did all party decorations myself. It's one of my favorite birthday parties.  

The cake,  created  by Zurina's Cake

Some  cookies for the party

Goodies bucket for everyone

Woody and Jesse on stage

All about Woody

Dessert table

7-year-old Qistina & 6-year-old Irfan

Happy Birthday Qistina and Irfan!

Favorite characters, Woody and Jessie




  1. This is the coolest Toy Story Party I've seen! So well done. the details are great! And I love the Cake. Its perfectly good for the Party.
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  2. Can you tell me where you found the woody and Jessie party plates