Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Car Theme Party for Haziq

I am a little obsessed with kids birthday party and it is one of my favorite occasions. Last weekend, I helped my good friend, Nora, organising her son's 5th birthday party. She wanted to throw her son the Car Lightning McQueen theme party so I've put some simple decorations for the dessert table based on the theme. 

For party decor, I've placed a background board which I made myself and it's a collage from kids Lightning McQueen magazine I bought from the bookshop. The streamers are from the Toys R Us and the little cars on the dessert table as part of the decor are from the shop near my house.

I have contributed some favors which I packed into individual small clear plastic container with label (thanks to my sister who helped designing the label). The favors are candies, chocolate, sweets, little toys and blowers. At the end of the party, every kid went home with these favors, coloring paper and a pack of crayon.

I can't wait to host my nephew's 1st birthday party in April.

Background board

The dessert table

The birthday cake

Some candies
Little cars
Packed sweets, small toy  and a blower

5-year old Haziq

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Langkawi Island... Get lazy on the beach

Day 3: 

Initially, on our third and last day in Langkawi Island, we have planned to explore some of Langkawi's tourist attractions like sight seeing at the top of Gunung Raya or a visit to the Wildlife Park. On second thought, we would rather get lazy on the beach where my children would enjoy playing sand and swimming. My 2-year old daughter, Qaisara, happily occupied herself playing plastic beach sand toys that we brought from home at the beach ignoring the hot sun while my two elder kids spent the day swimming. I just sit in the water and let the waves come towards me while keeping an eye on my children. That day, again, we chartered a banana boat that cost us RM80 and had another joyous ride.

We had so much fun!

Qaisara playing sand

In front of our resort

Sand castle

Banana boat ride

Monday, March 21, 2011

Langkawi Island... Lunch at Perdana Quay & Laman Padi

Day 2 - Saturday, 19 March 2011:

2.30 pm... On our second day in Langkawi island, after we took the island hopping trip, we went for lunch at one of the restaurants at Perdana Quay, El-Mandy Restaurant. We had a very good middle eastern food.

El-Mandy Restaurant, Perdana Quay

Then, we took a walk at the marina.

At the marina

Beautiful building at Perdana Quay

One of the cafes at the marina, I just love the concept

5.15 pm...  We visited the Rice Garden Museum where we had an opportunity taking some beautiful photos at the paddy field. Here we could actually see the stages of paddy cultivation from seeding to harvesting.


Under the coconut tree

In the middle of the paddy field

Qaisara's pants are all wet, she accidentally walk into the wet paddy field right after papa shouted "don't walk that direction."

This photo was taken right before the rain. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Langkawi Island... Island Hopping Trip

It's our second day in Langkawi Island and the weather was good.

2nd Day, Saturday, 19 March 2011:

8.30 am... We had our breakfast at one of the restaurants at Pantai Cenang

10.15 am... Took a boat for island hopping trip (The boat was delayed for about an hour and a half).

10.30 am... Arrived at the legendary Pulau Dayang Bunting (Island of the Pregnant Maiden) where we were greeted by a group of monkeys. We took a dip in the lake and went paddling around the lake.

12.00 pm... Eagle feeding.

12.20 pm... Our final stop of island hopping trip is at Beras Basah Island. The kids enjoyed playing sand at the beach and they even had a first time experience riding a banana boat.

1.20 pm... Drove back to the resort.