Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday Party @ KL Bird Park

My youngest daughter, Qaisara, turns 3 this year. Her big day was held at the KL Bird Park. Basically I've planned her party a few months ahead.

The preparations:
I've booked the place at Hornbill Restaurant, KL Bird Park a month before the big day.

Ordered the cake, cookies, marshmallow 2 weeks before the party.

Bought those animal bags which were given to all kids as goodie bags when I visited Jakarta 6 months before the party.

Designed the birthday banner and ordered for printing 3 days before the party.

The Big Day:
11.00 am - Arrival of guests and registration. Handing out the animal bags. Light breakfast for all guests.

11.30 am - Walk around the park and bird feeding.

12.30 pm - Bird show.

1.00 pm - Back to Hornbill Restaurant for lunch.

1.30 pm - Cake cutting

2.00 pm - Photo session with the Big Bill and live birds.

Finally we handed out party packs (complementary from Hornbill Restaurant) to all the kids before we say good bye.

Kids registering before entry

Qaisara ready for her birthday adventure

The birthday banner

Some animal cookies for everyone

Qaisara's animal bag

Every kid gets this animal bag

Bird feeding

Bird show

Kids and Big Bill
The birthday cake

Bun in The Oven

I really miss blogging.  I have not updated my blog for the past few months.
Some of the readers asked why but I refused to announce the news during the first trimester.
I had my morning sickness during the first 3 months of my pregnancy. The worst thing was, I didn't even have that much energy to even sit in front of my lappy and post even a single entry on my blog. 
I feel much better now and in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Thank you readers for visiting my blog.