Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lucky Winner of Party Pack Giveaway


The winner of my recent contest: Lightning McQueen Party Pack Giveaway is anaztasias nora aira.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


"A new British survey has revealed that 9 out of 10 people like chocolate. The tenth lies."  - Robert Paul

Who doesn't like chocolate?

Chocolates in Langkawi are relatively cheaper than those sold in KL so I bought loads of them to stock up my chocolate supply at home for at least a month (Actually hubby and kiddies could finish some of the chocolates in a day). 

Let me know if you can find any of these cheaper in KL:

Cadbury bar chocolate 220g - RM8.90
Belgidor Seashell 250g - RM9.50
Daim 300g - RM15.50
Hershey's Nugget 340g - RM12.50
Ferrero Rocher 327g - RM23.90
Kinder Friends 250g - RM21.90
Kinder Bueno 16pcs - RM20.90
Choclairs 170 pcs - RM12.00
Crispy 110g - RM3.90
Reese's Peanuts 340g - RM12.50
Nougat 250g - 21.90

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Perfect Treat!

Apart from sightseeings, spa treatment is one of the highlights in Langkawi Island. After a tiring island hopping and fun fishing trip, I took the opportunity to pamper myself at Sun Spa (located at Pantai Tengah). My colleague and I were picked up at the resort and were welcomed by a glass of lemon drink at the spa center. The treatment started with a 10-minute flower foot soak followed by an hour aromatherapy body massage and later a full body scrub. 

  Guess what, it only cost us RM149. 
It's just a perfect treat!

Soaked my feet in this. I love the wooden bucket.
I chose lemon grass and salt for scrub + tamarind aromatherapy for body massage 

Tea was served after the treatment.
The entrance

I Spy - The Resort

I'm still in Langkawi Island attending the workshop. 
The "I Spy" entry is inspired by one of my favorite blogs. So I am introducing a new entry that I hope I would regularly do, the "I Spy". 
Today, I spy the resort where I am staying through out my workshop in Langkawi. The photos were taken at around 8.45 am during my morning walk around the resort, right before my workshop was about to start.

This tree is in between the pool and the beach

The resort doesn't have any gym, so the only way I could do some exercises is swimming.

I wish I could just get lazy here every morning and forget about the workshop.
Is this morning glory?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Away from Home

I have never been away from my kiddies for more than 2 days but now I have to leave them for about a week attending a course. Here I am in a resort room all by myself facing my one and only companion, my netbook. The tv is on but I don't bother watching. 
At home, sometimes I wish I could be alone when my eldest daughter and son yelling at each other while my youngest crying and clinging to my hips trying to get my attention. 
So here I am in a room all by myself like "orang bujang". But I'm telling myself that this is no fun! 
How I wish my children could be around me at this moment and I don't mind if they were screaming, yelling or turning the room upside down or downside up. Having them around me is better than sitting here alone like "orang bujang". 

{my room for the next 7 days}

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's in My Bag

I will be going away for a course organised by my workplace in Langkawi for a week, so I am thinking of what to throw into my handbag so that it will become really handy while I am away from home for the whole week.

Bag contents:
  • The cosmetic case where I stuffed all my make up, hair clips, lipstick, lip gloss etc. Actually my Lulu laptop bag comes with this cosmetic case. 
  • The journal - I like to scribble just anything. All my thoughts, party ideas, my children's passport photos and some inspirational photos I tear off from the magazines are all in the journal (I never share the contents of my journal with anyone except hubby who never even bother to check out my stuff).  
  • Receipt holder - actually I keep my business cards here.
  • Olive oil mist from the Body Shop. I just love this thing as it keep my skin moist (i have a dry-skin). 
  • Lavender hand cream which I usually use before going to bed.
  • Lavender bath gel - the smell of it makes me feeling refresh.
  • My medicine - synflex and caffegot (remedy for migraine). I've been advised by my doctor to keep these with me all the time just in case I get migraine attack.
  • My sunglasses - it's the only thing that would prevent me from getting migraine out in the sun (I'm sensitive to sunlight reflection). 
  • Blackberry which I can't live without.
  • A motivational book which will keep me company while waiting,  while in the plane and for bedside reading while I'm alone in the resort room.
  • The stationary case. That is actually a stationary case I used in school. My mom has been keeping this old stuff and I found it in one of her boxes.
  • The netbook so that I can Skype with my children every night, blogging and keep in touch with family and friends on Facebook.

So what's in your hand bag while you are travelling?

    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Party Pack Giveaway - Car Lightning McQueen

    I am giving away Car Lightning McQueen party pack.

    If you wish to have the party pack, all you have to do is just be my Follower publicly (so I can get to know you better) & leave your comments (I would like to hear from you). 
    Only one Lucky Winner (to be contacted via e-mail) will receive the party pack (which will be delivered by mail). 

    The party pack include the following:
    Birthday Banner
    Assorted stickers
    Foil balloon
    Note pads

    The winner will be randomly selected and the result will be announced on 31  May 2011 (open to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei).

    Thursday, May 12, 2011

    Oh So Cute!

    As a holder of Mothercare VIP Card, I usually receive newsletters from Mothercare for products and sales updates.

    Today, I received an invitation for a Mothercare Carnival event to be held at its flagship store at Suria KLCC.
    I find the photo used in the newsletter "super cute" - the kids look so adorable on a mini scooter. 
    I just love the photo.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Toys for Donation

    My kids love toys and over the years they have accumulated a lot of toys that we bought for them and some are birthday presents from family and friends.

    I notice that they only play with their few favourite toys but the rest are dumped into the toy baskets and some are just lying on the floor or being kicked away under the bed.

    This month, volunteers team of my workplace is collecting donated toys from the staff. This is in support of Buddies of Ipoh, an NGO that works with families affected by HIV. They aim to distribute toys to the children of such families in conjunction with their annual Family Day Outing with the HIV families in June this year.

    I take this opportunity to donate some of my children's toys (of course I did this with the permission of my kids and fortunately they agreed).
    I hope these toys would bring smiles to those unfortunate kids.

    This box is placed at one corner of my office for toys collection

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    Happy Mother's Day Mama

    This morning when I opened my eyes and as I turned to my left, I saw my eldest daughter, Qistina, already awaken lying on my bed facing me with her sweet smile. When I smiled back she immediately said,
    "Happy Mother's Day mama"
    Then immediately she jumped off the bed and run to the next room. Less than a minute, she came back into my room and handed me a handmade mother's day card, a flower and a sand timer. After I read her mother's day wishes written in the card, I blew her a big kiss and we hug each other. The mom and daughter moment was actually witnessed by hubby and my two other younger kids. 

    For mamas out there, Happy Mother's Day too. 

    My nephew's 1st Birthday Party

    Yesterday we celebrated my nephew's first birthday at my parent's place and guess what, the theme is Mr. Bean. It was hard for me to find any good sample of the birthday theme. So here's a very simple dessert table for the party. 

    Birthday board

    Handmade streamers

    My sis-in-law and the birthday boy

    The dessert table

    1-year old Muhamad Zulfakhry

    Custom-made chocolate

    My daughter

    Handsome boy
    The bear

    The birthday cake

    Some goodie bags

    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    DIY Batik Painting

    Another highlights of our Cherating trip is batik painting where you can paint and design your own print. 

    The kids get creative with batik painting which only cost RM10 per piece. 

    Qistina's Batik

    Morning Walk at Cherating Village

    After we had the local breakfast (nasi dagang & nasi minyak), we went for a morning walk at Cherating village for a little discovery. 

    The jetty below is where we took our boat a night before for a fireflies watch along Cherating river. It was a wonderful experience, the boatman actually attract the fireflies to come towards our directions in the boat. The kids were so excited catching fireflies while some of the fireflies rested on our shoulders and head. 
    At the jetty enjoying morning fresh air by Cherating river

    We took this boat for the fireflies watch

    Payung Chalet - I love this budget chalet located right by the river and across the beach.

    Gigantic kayak

    I wish I had a house like this by the beach

    A row of kites at the shop along the beach