Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's in My Bag

I will be going away for a course organised by my workplace in Langkawi for a week, so I am thinking of what to throw into my handbag so that it will become really handy while I am away from home for the whole week.

Bag contents:
  • The cosmetic case where I stuffed all my make up, hair clips, lipstick, lip gloss etc. Actually my Lulu laptop bag comes with this cosmetic case. 
  • The journal - I like to scribble just anything. All my thoughts, party ideas, my children's passport photos and some inspirational photos I tear off from the magazines are all in the journal (I never share the contents of my journal with anyone except hubby who never even bother to check out my stuff).  
  • Receipt holder - actually I keep my business cards here.
  • Olive oil mist from the Body Shop. I just love this thing as it keep my skin moist (i have a dry-skin). 
  • Lavender hand cream which I usually use before going to bed.
  • Lavender bath gel - the smell of it makes me feeling refresh.
  • My medicine - synflex and caffegot (remedy for migraine). I've been advised by my doctor to keep these with me all the time just in case I get migraine attack.
  • My sunglasses - it's the only thing that would prevent me from getting migraine out in the sun (I'm sensitive to sunlight reflection). 
  • Blackberry which I can't live without.
  • A motivational book which will keep me company while waiting,  while in the plane and for bedside reading while I'm alone in the resort room.
  • The stationary case. That is actually a stationary case I used in school. My mom has been keeping this old stuff and I found it in one of her boxes.
  • The netbook so that I can Skype with my children every night, blogging and keep in touch with family and friends on Facebook.

So what's in your hand bag while you are travelling?

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