Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Away from Home

I have never been away from my kiddies for more than 2 days but now I have to leave them for about a week attending a course. Here I am in a resort room all by myself facing my one and only companion, my netbook. The tv is on but I don't bother watching. 
At home, sometimes I wish I could be alone when my eldest daughter and son yelling at each other while my youngest crying and clinging to my hips trying to get my attention. 
So here I am in a room all by myself like "orang bujang". But I'm telling myself that this is no fun! 
How I wish my children could be around me at this moment and I don't mind if they were screaming, yelling or turning the room upside down or downside up. Having them around me is better than sitting here alone like "orang bujang". 

{my room for the next 7 days}

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