Sunday, May 22, 2011

Perfect Treat!

Apart from sightseeings, spa treatment is one of the highlights in Langkawi Island. After a tiring island hopping and fun fishing trip, I took the opportunity to pamper myself at Sun Spa (located at Pantai Tengah). My colleague and I were picked up at the resort and were welcomed by a glass of lemon drink at the spa center. The treatment started with a 10-minute flower foot soak followed by an hour aromatherapy body massage and later a full body scrub. 

  Guess what, it only cost us RM149. 
It's just a perfect treat!

Soaked my feet in this. I love the wooden bucket.
I chose lemon grass and salt for scrub + tamarind aromatherapy for body massage 

Tea was served after the treatment.
The entrance

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