Wednesday, May 25, 2011


"A new British survey has revealed that 9 out of 10 people like chocolate. The tenth lies."  - Robert Paul

Who doesn't like chocolate?

Chocolates in Langkawi are relatively cheaper than those sold in KL so I bought loads of them to stock up my chocolate supply at home for at least a month (Actually hubby and kiddies could finish some of the chocolates in a day). 

Let me know if you can find any of these cheaper in KL:

Cadbury bar chocolate 220g - RM8.90
Belgidor Seashell 250g - RM9.50
Daim 300g - RM15.50
Hershey's Nugget 340g - RM12.50
Ferrero Rocher 327g - RM23.90
Kinder Friends 250g - RM21.90
Kinder Bueno 16pcs - RM20.90
Choclairs 170 pcs - RM12.00
Crispy 110g - RM3.90
Reese's Peanuts 340g - RM12.50
Nougat 250g - 21.90


  1. can i have some? please keep it for me

  2. takyah la bro...aku yang kat ofis ni pun dia tak kasi..mentang2 lain floor...hik3

  3. baru ingat nak mintak satu....humphh..