Thursday, May 5, 2011

Morning Walk at Cherating Village

After we had the local breakfast (nasi dagang & nasi minyak), we went for a morning walk at Cherating village for a little discovery. 

The jetty below is where we took our boat a night before for a fireflies watch along Cherating river. It was a wonderful experience, the boatman actually attract the fireflies to come towards our directions in the boat. The kids were so excited catching fireflies while some of the fireflies rested on our shoulders and head. 
At the jetty enjoying morning fresh air by Cherating river

We took this boat for the fireflies watch

Payung Chalet - I love this budget chalet located right by the river and across the beach.

Gigantic kayak

I wish I had a house like this by the beach

A row of kites at the shop along the beach

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  1. hoyehh!!!.punye lame tunggu kakak masuk blog kite sebab kite lupe address blog akak.huuuu

    thanks tau kakak..
    last day hr tu tak sempat nak catch up story mori sebab rushing ngan 'org tua' tu duk kalut panggil nak suh teman die ke library.huuuu

    nanti kite jumpe ye kak..

    datang la u.m..kite ade je cini,tak balik pun cuti.heee