Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Mama

This morning when I opened my eyes and as I turned to my left, I saw my eldest daughter, Qistina, already awaken lying on my bed facing me with her sweet smile. When I smiled back she immediately said,
"Happy Mother's Day mama"
Then immediately she jumped off the bed and run to the next room. Less than a minute, she came back into my room and handed me a handmade mother's day card, a flower and a sand timer. After I read her mother's day wishes written in the card, I blew her a big kiss and we hug each other. The mom and daughter moment was actually witnessed by hubby and my two other younger kids. 

For mamas out there, Happy Mother's Day too. 


  1. sweetje anak mama tatara......

  2. happy mother's day kaq shime..weeeee...!!!!.

    *tetibe teringin nak jadik mama jugak.hahahha :))*