Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Toys for Donation

My kids love toys and over the years they have accumulated a lot of toys that we bought for them and some are birthday presents from family and friends.

I notice that they only play with their few favourite toys but the rest are dumped into the toy baskets and some are just lying on the floor or being kicked away under the bed.

This month, volunteers team of my workplace is collecting donated toys from the staff. This is in support of Buddies of Ipoh, an NGO that works with families affected by HIV. They aim to distribute toys to the children of such families in conjunction with their annual Family Day Outing with the HIV families in June this year.

I take this opportunity to donate some of my children's toys (of course I did this with the permission of my kids and fortunately they agreed).
I hope these toys would bring smiles to those unfortunate kids.

This box is placed at one corner of my office for toys collection

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