Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekend outing... Deer Park at Taman Botani Perdana, KL

I had a mid-term test last Thursday which I had to prepare a few days prior to the test. I have an assignment to be submitted next week which means I have to get it done by end of the week. Tonight we have a dinner invitation from my brother in-law that we have to attend. Tomorrow morning, I have to be at the university for a group discussion (meaning I have to sacrifice  my Sunday morning that I normally  spend with my family). And tomorrow night we have another dinner invitation from a relative. It's a hectic week and that explains why I was not able to update this blog for the past few days.

But today, I manage to spend half of my day with my family walking at the park and drop by at Dataran Merdeka for Army Malaysia's Open Day (the open day will end tomorrow).  

A bunch of pics at the park. 


  1. Ahaha, supermom! My first comment here.

    Well for us, we hiked Bukit Tabur this morning. As an amateur, it is a challenging hike.

    Do you find 'barking deer' there? Barking deer is the specific dear as in our org's logo. They said this at CBC.

    Encountered one while riding elephant at Nepal. The smell of elephant overpower our smell and hence all the wilds would not run when we approach. That may include the tiger, actually. But the deer's tail is not long as in our logo.

  2. Hi :) Nice pictures you got here.

    Is Irfan a protective brother? It looks like he is.

  3. Tq Dona. Yes, Irfan is very protective. But sometimes he likes to tease her sister too.

  4. Anonymous, I know Bukit Tabur is a nice place but not suitable for kids.
    I can't differentiate the deer. For me they are all look the same.
    Your elephant story reminds me of our elephant ride at the Singapore Zoo.