Monday, March 21, 2011

Langkawi Island... Lunch at Perdana Quay & Laman Padi

Day 2 - Saturday, 19 March 2011:

2.30 pm... On our second day in Langkawi island, after we took the island hopping trip, we went for lunch at one of the restaurants at Perdana Quay, El-Mandy Restaurant. We had a very good middle eastern food.

El-Mandy Restaurant, Perdana Quay

Then, we took a walk at the marina.

At the marina

Beautiful building at Perdana Quay

One of the cafes at the marina, I just love the concept

5.15 pm...  We visited the Rice Garden Museum where we had an opportunity taking some beautiful photos at the paddy field. Here we could actually see the stages of paddy cultivation from seeding to harvesting.


Under the coconut tree

In the middle of the paddy field

Qaisara's pants are all wet, she accidentally walk into the wet paddy field right after papa shouted "don't walk that direction."

This photo was taken right before the rain. 

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