Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Langkawi Island... Get lazy on the beach

Day 3: 

Initially, on our third and last day in Langkawi Island, we have planned to explore some of Langkawi's tourist attractions like sight seeing at the top of Gunung Raya or a visit to the Wildlife Park. On second thought, we would rather get lazy on the beach where my children would enjoy playing sand and swimming. My 2-year old daughter, Qaisara, happily occupied herself playing plastic beach sand toys that we brought from home at the beach ignoring the hot sun while my two elder kids spent the day swimming. I just sit in the water and let the waves come towards me while keeping an eye on my children. That day, again, we chartered a banana boat that cost us RM80 and had another joyous ride.

We had so much fun!

Qaisara playing sand

In front of our resort

Sand castle

Banana boat ride

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