Thursday, April 28, 2011

Singapore Zoo

My kids love animals especially my baby munchkin, Qaisara who could actually sit for hours in front of the tv watching Animal Planet.  We have been to our National Zoo a few years back but this time we decided to cross the Malaysian border and visit Singapore Zoo. 

1) A long queue for tickets is expected, so it is advisable to buy your tickets online.
2) Buy Zoo-per saver ticket inclusive of an admission to the zoo, unlimited boat ride & unlimited tram ride (I find the unlimited tram ride very practical as we could hop on and off easily without hassle to go from one place to another).

Some of our photos during the visit.

The map

Alligator under the bridge

Elephant ride

Orang utan
The penguins

Qaisara and zebra

Hamadryas Baboons - Rift Valley of Ethiopia
The tram
Souvenir shop
On our way for a cruise on Boat Safari

Australian outback


  1. Aku pun nak pegi sana nanti,,, tengah plan nak pegi jugak,,,

  2. Memang best. It's an open concept zoo.

  3. good to hear that u guys had fun, but i personally think the zoo is overrated. Zoo Melaka is much more better :)