Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fashion Contest

Today, my daughters participated in a fashion contest organised by the International Youth Centre Malaysia. 
The theme for the contest is 1Malaysia so Qistina dressed in a  cheongsam while Qaisara dressed in a lengha dress. 
This is the first time my children ever participated in a fashion contest and that explains why my youngest one refused to walk on stage. 
I ended up carrying her in front of the judges on stage and you can imagine how my face turn red with embarrassment.


  1. Salam.
    They're cutie pies!

    I saw pics of your youngest on her 2nd bday. She looked matured. My son is 19 months and he'll be two soon. but he doesnt look matured at all. Now i'm worried.

  2. Tq Dona. Don't worry, enjoy ur son while he is still like a baby. I wish I could stop the clock so that I could cuddle them forever.