Thursday, April 7, 2011

Qaisara's Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party

Yesterday when I looked back at all my digital photos, I came across a bundle of memorable pics captured during one of the most important days of my youngest daughter's life, her second birthday party. She turned two last year and I threw her a Strawberry Shortcake theme party at my parents' place. 

For her special day, my sister helped organising a photo guest-book corner where guests' wishes and photos were captured for keepsake (my sister is the owner of Rosebay Creations, an event management company, specialised  in photo guest-book services for any events). My two other kids were given the honour to be the first to pen down their wishes. I can't help smiling looking at how they expressed their feelings towards their lil' sister. 

Qaisara  and her birthday cake

The guestbook
Birthday wishes from the big sister
Wishes from Abang Irfan


  1. Hi...i'm organising a SS theme party for my girl (may1st) not sure if you have any deco nak jual second hand to me ??

    Please email me at

  2. Hi.....interested with mcqueen theme birthday party.
    And curently arranging for my son 3rd mcqueen birthday party....
    Is there anything to you might help to ease the supplies?

    1. Hi there, sorry, I've given out all the extra party supplies to frens and relatives. Hope you have a great McQueen birthday party.:)