Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brunch at KL Bird Park

We had our brunch at the Hornbill Restaurant, KL Bird Park. It's a nice place - the deck dining area overlooking the hornbill park and we were accompanied by some friendly birds from the park (It cost us about RM135). The place has a nice private function area suitable for birthday parties. Maybe the kids  should have their birthday party here this year.
In front of the restaurant

Salad anyone?

Chirpy bird

Hello there...

Some friendly birds

No, the bird was not there for the food

Qistina's favorite drinks

Irfan taking some photos on my bb

Almost done with our brunch


  1. where it is KL bird park?
    how much is the entrance fee?
    the rm135 is inclusive entrance fee or just for the meal?

  2. It's the cost of our meal. No need to enter the bird park if you just want to dine in. The restaurant is part of the bird park though.

  3. Kl Bird Park is part of Lake Gardens. You can visit this website for more info