Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fun Activities & Games

Lake Kenyir Resort offers many activities like lake cruise, a visit to National Park, fishing trip, elephant walk tour, bird watching, Kelah santuary, deer feeding, jungle trekking and night safari (Oh! 3 days 2 nights stay at the resort is not enough to do all these activities).

The most enjoyable activity according to my kids is playing at the pool. The pool has this kiddie slide that they couldn't get enough of. (But be mindful, one of the young guests bumped his head on his way down the slide but nothing serious happened as he only got bruises on his head).

After dinner, we enjoy some indoor games like congkak, lego, wooden blocks, foosball and pool. Hubby taught me how to play pool. Guess what! I really enjoy it.

You may find these birds if you went for bird watching

Hornbill corner

Deer feeding at the resort

Fish feeding

Irfan enjoying the foosball

Qaisara and some wooden blocks

Congkak - I lost the game

Twin towers

My kids are my big supporters
The "guru"

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  1. bestnyer aktiviti korang...memang tak cukup kalau 3 hari tuh.