Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 Days 2 Nights at Lake Kenyir Resort & Spa

It's a 2-week school holiday. I've promised the kids for a holiday trip if they were being good during the school term (tht means complete all homeworks without complaining). I kept my promise and brought them for another back to nature experience at Lake Kenyir last weekend. I've booked a chalet at Lake Kenyir Resort and Spa for 3 days 2 nights stay. We stayed in a wooden chalet with a balcony overlooking the lake. Every morning when i woke up, the first thing i wud do is slide open the balcony door, get lazy on the chair and enjoying the beautiful view of Lake Kenyir.

I love the place and for me, 3 days 2 nights stay seems not enough. The resort has a very warm staff and activities provided are enjoyable. 
If you asked me whether I would come back to the resort for another holiday break? Yes, I would certainly come back. 

The Lobby (that's my son sliding down the kiddie pool)

On our way to Tembat Restaurant for breakfast

Some of the units - Lake View

This is where I enjoy the scenic view of the lake 
Our unit

Qistina writing down some notes
The changing room

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  1. wow...nampak tinggi betul chalet korang..
    sungguh nampak betul korang dalam hutan semulajadi.