Monday, May 13, 2013

Carnival party... Mya is turning 4

We did a carnival birthday party for my cousin's daughter over the weekend. I love carnival party and i was so excited when my cousin agreed to throw a carnival theme party for her daughter's 4th birthday. The preparation was easy as I've already collected some of the carnival things like the backdrop, paper bunting, table cloth and the musical box. It was a fun party for the kids as they were busy being attended to by the bubbly clown. It was nice to have the clown around - each kid gets their sculptured balloon and face painting. Extra toys were given out for those who answered riddles correctly. 
Hopefully one day I could also do a carnival birthday party for my kids.

Happy 4th birthday Mya! Thank you for having us at the party. 

Clown musical box from Memory Lane

Goodie bags for kids

Popcorn bags

My cousin, Mya's mom

The clown, doing face painting

Mya and her sister

Lovely birthday cake

Mya making her wishes

Mya and her parents

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