Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ballerina Theme Party... for my 4-year-old daughter

It's my daughter's 4th birthday party which was held yesterday at my place. I always adore ballerina theme birthday party and luckily my daughter loves the idea. I know she has so many party theme in her mind like princess party, barbie and hello kitty. But she was very excited when I told her that she will be wearing pink and would have a ballerina dance during the party. As usual, I created the candy buffet table myself. Bought that ballerina theater, paper plate and ballerina puzzle when we visited Singapore last December. 
I'm glad that my daughter enjoys the party - she did her ballerina dance, joyously posed for the camera and excitedly unwrapped the birthday gifts. 
Happy 4th birthday Qaisara!  


  1. Hi Mama Tatara,
    I really love your creation i'm Tyas from jakarta just moving 2 KL, may i know how 2 make this dessert bar, whwere u order cake, cup cakes, buy the plastic plate party supplies & make the printable?
    Really Appreciated,
    Thank u so much

  2. hi,this is a great it.sweet and check out my kids party planner fb page:krakerboxparty.tq